Akfix R110 is a powerful cleaner/degreaser for brake and clutch parts. A non-chlorinated solvent blend, formulated to quickly and safely remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake and clutch parts. Brake Cleaner helps brakes last longer and perform better.


  • Does not contain abrasive material.
  • Acetone-free.
  • Not conductive.
  • Friction surfaces free from dirt and dust and mechanical parts.
  • Suitable for use upside down.
  • Soot, oil, brake away from dust and oily residues provides effective.
  • High pressure is effective even in places where the power can not be reached by hand.
  • Do not harm the ozone-friendly propellant contains.


Perfect for cleaning and degreasing:
  • Brake linings . Drums
  • Cylinders . Brake shoes
  • Disc brake pads . Discs
  • Wedge brakes . Springs
  • Calipers . Clutch discs