Haseda Holding Ltd´s foundation led by Mr. Hakan ONCE as the main shareholder in 2013 in Toronto Ontario, Canada under the federal status to cover all Canadian business territories, which is involved in marketing and distribution services and investing in such companies mainly engaged in construction auxiliary materials and decoration materials but not limited with, to embrace various other promising retail industries as well. 

Since from its establishment Haseda acquired the sales and distribution rights in North American markets of various established Turkish, European and Chinese brands which are quality export oriented firms as well as became the holder of some international trademarks in Canada.

Mr. Once has started his carrier back in 70´s in one of the so known big 8 firms by that time namely Arthur Andersen. Afterwards he took the role of one of the two founders  of the Ernst Young´s Turkish practice. He served for almost 20 years as business consultant and auditor to various multinational and biggest Turkish Holdings and firms gaining deep financial and management expertise subsequently which he  carried to serve to various known Turkish firms and Holding companies at various top management positions as well as CEO and Board member levels  in banking, consumer financing, non-food retail and luxury goods retail, steel and steel related production such as profiles, pipes, safe-box and safety doors and locks, as well as other entry systems.